This is my introduction word to this web page, to all my great friends overseas: in USA, Brazil…:

Most of you I have not seen for long time, those of you who died can see me from the heaven and be aware of my great word of THANK YOU for donating your money to one small church- chapel somewhere in Northern Bohemia, in little village called Nahlov, over the ocean, thousand miles from your home. I really appreciate your help and I am happy of your friendship to me and the way you could express it, too.

Right now I am putting together the list of all donators and will make a board, which I want, to display on the chapel. Please forgive me if I will not name all of you now but I believe when I go to my files I will get out all the names and I will not forget about anyone of you. Some of you are of the Czech origin; your ancestors came from Bohemia, some of you not, however all of you found the time and money to support myself in this strange effort to renovate this church.

I will try to name you here now: I would like to thank you to Janet Mateucci and her sister Hazel Muscavith plus their families from Pennsylvania, Lotario Skolaude from Brazil, Kay Taylor from Florida and her parents: Joe and Mrs. Brodecky from……………., Joe Skalicky and his sister from Texas, Jim Dubcak from Texas /who passed away 2 years ago/, Oldrich Castek from Iowa /who passed away 4 years ago/ Paul and Sherma Herriot from California, who I lost contact with, catholic church in Texas – Crocket, where Joe Skalicky asked for offering during ceremony of mass and some more which I may omit because of my bad memory. But you all will be on the board for sure.

Your money was enormous help in financing renovation of the whole new roof for the chapel. The roof cost 6.560 USD and I am happy is sitting there and the roof is not leaking anymore. All walls got nicely dry. I successfully applied for financial help with several government organization: municipality, region, non-profit organization: Czech-German fund of conciliation and future, Bishop of the Catholic Church of the region, some entrepreneurs and local people.

Maybe you do remember when I was first writing you about my intention to renovate the chapel; I wrote you I did not know the name of it. In between first I got information from bishops archive that probably the chapel had name Holy Trinity, later I found a gentleman in Germany who used to live in the village until 1945 and he told me the chapel carried on the name of St. Florian.

I appreciate your help so much because I realize how unsuccessful I was in approaching and asking for donation the original citizens of the village – the Sudeten Germans who had to leave Czechoslovakia after the World War II. As treaty of Jalta and Postupim…They said to me when we had to leave Nahlov the chapel was completely all right and now we will not share a Pfening/Mark, now they say no Euro. I am a bit disappointed from it but I assume, I have to try to understand, they are old people who were born here and can not fully overcame their sadness and bitterness from the loss of their home.

And how about the future: in spite of the fact that I still owe the tinsmith some 800 USD, I am optimistic. I will get him the money, from the state, Ministry of Culture, Ford Donation etc, Roof is there and I will keep asking and applying for financial support for renovating the interior plus facade. Maybe in 10 years my daughter Anna or in 15 years my son Peter Jr., can have their wedding church ceremony there, who knows: By that time the chapel is maybe fully renovated. But it can be all deferent…however always when I go to this village to my weekend house, to spend some weekend days, I see the chapel and it reminds all of you.

Petr Polakovic